Antwerp to Singapore - 6 Steel Wire Reels

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The first project cargo shipment of 2016 saw 6 steel wire reels collected from several locations in Europe and shipped as Breakbulk cargo to Singapore.

Tuscor Lloyds have worked with this particular customer for many years and have vast experience in shipping large, construction equipment across the globe.

For this consignment all the reels were consolidated into one sailing from Antwerp to Singapore. One of the reels originated in the UK and so required swift transport in time to meet the remaining reels that arrived at the Port of Antwerp by barge from Germany.

Unbeknown to the project manager at the start of the shipment, more reels were added to the sailing in the late stages before the vessel was due to depart. This required some negotiation with the carrier to secure the extra space for the last minute reels, on a vessel that was already fully booked.

Once the cargo arrived at Singapore the reels needed to be moved from Jurong terminal to Keppel terminal for the onward transportation.

The project manager Gary Atkins commented that, “in 2015 we shipped over 1000 Reels of varying size for the oil and gas industry. We plan to continue offering the same trusted service for many years to come.”

Quick Facts

Cargo Origin: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Port of Loading: Antwerp, Belgium

Cargo Destination: Singapore

Transit Time: 36 Days

UK Cargo

Port of Antwerp

Port of Singapore

Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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