32 Pieces of Mining Equipment

Tuscor Lloyds has just completed a complex shipment of mining equipment transported from Belgium to Peru.

The consignment was 32 pieces of mining equipment/ machinery, including one piece which weighed 50 tons. Tuscor Lloyds was responsible for the port to port transportation between the port of Antwerp, Belgium and the port of Callao, Peru.

The mining equipment arrived on low loader trailers at the port of Antwerp and from here the cargoes were loaded onto mafi trailers using a heavy lift crane which could handle the 50 ton piece, the mafi trailers were used to transport the cargoes quay side where they would then be loaded onto the vessel for transport to Callao, Peru.

The 50 ton piece was transported as a break bulk shipment and the vessel was loaded with a bed of flatrack containers on which the 50 ton piece could be loaded and secured using heavy duty steel chains. Some of the smaller pieces were able to be shipped as out of gauge cargo and loaded to the vessel to pre-lashed flatrack containers.

Tuscor Lloyds organised for this shipment to be transported using flatrack containers on a standard container vessel, which resulted in a fast transit time (28 days), reliable schedule and very competitive transport costs. This unique transport solution was perfectly suited to our client; a world leader in mining machinery for whom time-scale and budget was a major concern.

Thanks to the hard work and excellent organisation skills of Tuscor Lloyds’ project cargo management staff, the shipment arrived at the port of Callao as scheduled and was efficiently unloaded from the vessel. The shipment required a heavy lift crane to safely remove the heaviest piece of mining equipment from the container vessel, and this was organised by Tuscor Lloyds to ensure the crane would be available quay side when required.

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