Cased Sterilization Chamber

Tuscor Lloyds has just completed the transportation of a large break bulk piece weighing 33,000 kgs as well as 2 x 40ft High Cube containers and 1 x 20ft General Purpose shipping container, from Castle Donington, United Kingdom to Veracruz, Mexico.

The shipment was a specialised sterilization chamber built for the medical / scientific sector weighing 33,000 kgs and its required ancillary spares. The cargo was cased on-site by specialist export packers before being collected along with the loaded HC/GP containers from the manufacturers in Castle Donington, Leicestershire, UK.

The cased break bulk cargo was transported by road to the port of Felixstowe 170 miles to the south east on a low loader truck. The low loader required police escort to port due to the over sized length and width of the piece (15.2 x 3.77 x 3.34 meters).

The heavy cargo arrived at the wire lift area of the port and the casing was checked by surveyors to ensure the wooden case was in good condition for lifting to the assigned vessel.

The lifting lugs on the case had been carefully positioned to allow for the crated cargo to be safely lifted using an on-site gantry crane which was fitted with specialist heavy lift wires / shackles to allow for the weight and dimensions of the cargo. The cargo was lifted from the low-load trailer using the gantry crane all as pre-arranged directly by Tuscor Lloyds and loaded onto a port owned mafi trailer awaiting vessel arrival next day.

The next morning 2 x 40ft flatrack containers where loaded on to the container vessel on top of a bed of 40ft HC reefer containers. The 2 x 40ft flatracks were stacked on top of each other and locked in to position using twist locks allowing space for the vessels raised lashing bridge and the vessels’ accommodation block. The stowage position was carefully pre-planned to allow this move.

The crane was fitted with 4 x 12,000 kg lifting wires and once ready, the mafi trailer was positioned beneath the crane for lifting. The break bulk cargo was lifted onto the vessel and carefully positioned ensuring overhanging edges would clear other cargo as well as the vessels’ accommodation block and prior to lowering and securing.

The oversized cargo was secured using a total of 32 x 2,000 kg webbing straps each tensioned using its own ratchet and packing was placed at any areas which had potential of chaffing or wear. The wooden case was successfully secured ensuring free from any movement, preventing any possible damage to the cargo during ocean transit to Mexico.

The cargo was accepted and approved for transport by the ships master and once other cargo loadings were complete the vessel began the 18 day transit to the port of Veracruz as planned, departing 07/08/14.

The cargo arrived safely at the port of Veracruz, Mexico and was safely discharged using a gantry crane. The case was checked/surveyed on arrival and as planned was in perfect condition. The cargo was then discharged onto a waiting low-loader trailer and handed to the consignee for transportation to its final destination.

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