Cased Flexographic Printing Machine

Break bulk and out of gauge shipment exceeding 368 tons worth of flexographic printing machine.

Tuscor Lloyds was called in to organise this large consignment which involved transporting 27 standard shipping containers and 10 flatracks loaded with out of gauge and break bulk cargo to Veracruz, Mexico.

The cargo originated in Bielefeld, Germany and was scheduled to sail from Bremerhaven 155 miles to the north. Usually this is not a problem and Tuscor Lloyds would transport the cargo without issue, but due to the size of some of the pieces a route surveyor was required to drive the route ex factory to the port of Bremerhaven in order to ensure there were no obstructions (highest piece 4.5 meters tall) and the cargo could make the road journey safely. The route was confirmed as suitable and the cargo was given a permit to transport by road with a police escort to the port of Bremerhaven.

The cargo arrived at the port of Bremerhaven on schedule already loaded and secured to flatrack containers which had been placed on low loader trailers for the road transportation. Once quayside the cargoes were unloaded from the low loaders using a heavy lift crane (which Tuscor Lloyds organised to be available in-line with the unloading/loading schedule for the cargo). Before the cargo was loaded onto the vessel transporting it to Veracruz, the flat rack containers were checked over and confirmed as secured and safe for ocean transportation to Mexico.

The vessel made the 15 day transit between Bremerhaven and Veracruz which thanks to the cargo being loaded to a standard container vessel was much faster and cheaper than the alternative

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