Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Tuscor Lloyds has successfully concluded the second and final part of its collaboration with the BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR IV project, lead by by a Spanish engineering company consisting on the construction of a power generating plant in Lower California Sur, Mexico.

Tuscor Lloyds in collaboration with BSV Logistic in Mexico transported a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system consisting of 55 pieces and a Colli.


Germany to Mexico – Selective Catalytic Reduction System
Germany to Mexico – Selective Catalytic Reduction System

The cargo was delivered in Hargesheim, Germany and from there the regular cargo was packed into wooden crates and transported by truck whilst the Colli, the largest piece, was transported by barge to the Port of Bremerhaven.

The out of gauge cargo was delivered to Bremerhaven terminal where it was lashed and secured for subsequent loading onto the vessel MSC Carmen to Mazatlan, Mexico where it arrived in safe condition and damage free.

Tuscor Lloyds continues to participate in major infrastructure projects throughout Mexico and the world providing high quality services within the agreed budget and schedule.

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