Cased Metal Rolling Mill

Tuscor Lloyds’ project logistics specialists in Mexico and the UK have just completed the shipment of a cased metal rolling mill which was shipped as out of gauge cargo from La Spezia, Italy to Altamira, Mexico.

Our project cargo teams were called in to organise the port to port transportation of this oversized cargo. The cargo was made up of two cased units and various accessory pieces which were loaded into 40ft open-top containers. The two cased units were loaded onto a 40ft flatrack and secured using heavy duty ratchet straps.

The cargo was due to be transported using a single container vessel but the shipping line had some issues with stability and decided to transport the out of gauge flatrack container on the next available vessel, which happened to be sailing later that day.

Tuscor Lloyds organised with port operators to load the flatrack container using an onsite gantry crane fitted with specialist heavy lift equipment, ensuring the cargo would be safely loaded to the vessel.

Despite possible delays due to splitting the cargo across two vessels the cargo arrived within the given time requirements. The cased cargo and open-top containers were unloaded and checked for damage before being handed over to the customer who had organised transportation from port.

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