Equipment for Transformer Repair

Tuscor Lloyds continues its participation in Logistics projects for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry in Mexico.

During the past months of May and June, freight forwarder Tuscor Lloyds in collaboration with BSV Logistic developed a shipping project in order to transport the parts needed to repair a transformer that has been damaged since late last year in a cogeneration power plant located in the village of Tuxpan, Mexico.

The equipment was manufactured by the power generation division of a Japanese enterprise in Kobe, Japan; and consisted of a total of 63 packages of 45 tons and 125 m3.

Ready to be shipped in early May, the first phase was divided into 2 parts. First part with GMCB system and its accessories was loaded into an oversized 40’flat rack shipment departed the 25th of May from the port of Kobe on board of MSC vessel named Kalamata. All loading operation into depot as well as its subsequent transport and loading onto vessel, were properly supervised on site by the agents and surveyors nominated by Tuscor Lloyds. The project was carried out without difficulties and fulfilling successfully both shipper’s and consignee’s expectations.

The second part of this first phase was an airfreight of a total of 8 packages of 150 kilograms with hazardous goods departed from Osaka last 8th of June with Airfrance airline. Cargo took 4 days to reach Mexico City’s airport to be immediately moved up to Tuxpan.

Second phase with the auxiliary transformer main body and parts, was another sea freight of a total of 51 packages, ready to be shipped the 17th of June. For this phase was necessary to rely on BBC shipping company services due to the extraordinary measures of some components. The cargo consisted of a total of 31 tons with 70 cbm.

The nominated vessel for this shipment, the BBC MONTANA that originally intended to arrive the 18th of June, had to delay its entry until the 25th due to the presence of a typhoon in the area. The cargo was finally loaded the 26th of June directly from a barge where all the goods were previously loaded. Vessel departure took place the very same day from Kobe port and it is expected to arrive to the Mexican port around the next 27th of August. All the operation was made under direct supervision of a member of the Tuscor Lloyds project cargo department who traveled to Kobe city. Besides operational supervision by Tuscor Lloyds and its Japanese agents, a maritime surveyor verified all the operation was made as planned.

Tuscor Lloyds continues its participation in the power generation industry and thank the continuous support of its clients and partners.

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