Marine Survival Capsule

Out of Gauge shipment from Malaysia to the United Kingdom.

Recently Tuscor Lloyds (UK) Ltd were contracted to import a Marine Survival Capsule from Kuantan in Malaysia to the UK for urgent repairs. The capsule is designed to be used on structures such as offshore oil rigs for emergency evacuations and can safely hold up to 21 men, although there are 2 other larger models that can carry up to 38 or 54 men.

The capsule measured 6m long x 4.5m wide and 4.5m high and was successfully loaded on to a single flat rack at Port Klang in Malaysia ready to be shipped as Out of Gauge to Felixstowe in the United Kingdom where it was then on-carried to the service base in Great Yarmouth.

Thanks to the expert knowledge of our projects team the shipment was carried out without a hitch and delivered successfully, repaired and returned safely to Malaysia.

Malaysia to UK – Marine Survival Capsule
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