Machinery and Supporting Frames

Tuscor Lloyds where contracted to move machinery and supporting frames into the UK in time for refurbishment at a UK power plant.

The cargo consisted of hazardous goods, small crates and large oversize frames which were being moved up from Mexico to UK.

The transport from Mexico was co-ordinated with the port labour and timed to arrive on a precise day and time for the cargo to be lifted from vehicle and transferred to lashing yard for securing into container and loading to the vessel. In all the shipment consisted of 7 x 40′ Flat Racks and 1 x 40′DV to accommodate the hazardous cargo and the small crates.

The shipment ran smooth with our local agent taking care of the customs documentation and ensuring all cargo passed for inspection at the port and loaded to the vessel. Upon arrival in the UK Tuscor Lloyds arranged for the delivery of the cargo after discharge from the flat racks and delivered to Cornwall via specialised vehicle and route plan undertaken as the driving access to the power plant was restricted.

Using the expertise and our knowledge of large cargo handling the delivery was completed efficiently and on time to allow the work on the station to continue on schedule.

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