Stainless Steel Tank

Tuscor Lloyds was asked by a well respected Spanish construction company; specializing in stainless steel facilities, to move a stainless steel tank and a toolbox from its headquarters in Albacete, Spain to Dominican Republic.

The toolbox was sent on a temporary export so it could be used to assemble the steel tanks once the cargo reached its final destination of Caucedo, Dominican Republic.

The cargo weighing in at 8805kg was loaded onto a 40’ flatrack and subsequently prepared for the transportation by road from Villarrobledo to Valencia. The out of gauge cargo measured exactly 3 meters in diameter which is equal to the regulatory measures for road transport in Spain and this allowed for the cargo to be exempt from requiring a special permit, saving valuable time and money.

The out of gauge cargo arrived at the Port of Valencia where the 40’ft flat rack was deliberately lashed, secured and loaded to the Calandra Vessel which then sailed to the Port of Caucedo, Dominican Republic.

The Calandra vessel arrived just under a month later to the Port of Caucedo where the flat rack was unloaded totally intact much to the satisfaction of Tuscor Lloyds’ Project Management Team in Spain and their customer.

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