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Over the years our global team have worked with a number of textile companies, providing a variety of transportation solutions for conventional cargo. The combination of  trusted relationships and an award winning projects department made us the ideal choice for our latest challenge, to transport two oversized modules from Castilla de León, Spain to the port of Jakarta, Indonesia.                                                                                                            

The cargo was collected from the client’s door at Azuqueca de Henares, Spain. Due to the size and weight of the modules Tuscor Lloyds arranged specialist equipment suppliers to lift the cargo using specialist cranes and load onto a low bed trailer. This enabled safe road transportation 350km South East to the Port of Valencia.

On arrival at the Port the team prepared the cargo for sailing. Using extensive knowledge of safety standards and export regulations the two modules were secured to a 20ft flat rack using heavy duty ratchet straps for extra safety and stability during sailing.

After 25 days the cargo arrived safely at the Port of Jakarta where it was unloaded from the vessel and released to local handlers to be transported by road to its final destination.


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Cargo Description: An industrial washer module and distillation module

Cargo Origin: Azuqueca de Henares, Spain

Cargo Destination: Jakarta, Indonesia

Shipment Services: Out of Gauge, Export Packing, Lashing & Securing

Equipment: 1 x 20ft Flat Rack Container, low loader trailer, Heavy Lift and portic cranes.

Specialist Requirements: Management and transportation of Out of Gauge Cargo

Industry: Textile


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