HP Cutter

Tuscor Lloyds was asked to move a 4.3 ton out of gauge cargo from the port of Valencia, Spain to the port of Altamira, Mexico.

The cargo, a semi-automatic 70º and longitudinal 60 HP cutter and an electric reel with cable, was picked up in Chiva, Valencia and transported by road 30 miles east to the port of Valencia.

Due to its dimensions (4.7 x 2.5 x 3.0 meters) the cargo was loaded onto a 20ft flatrack container which could secure the cargo for transportation to Mexico. Once loaded, duly lashed and secured to the 20ft flatrack, the container was loaded onto a truck and then transported by road to the port of Valencia.

After checking the cargo was well-secured and prepared for maritime transportation, the shipment was given the go-ahead and loaded onto the container vessel which would transport the cargo to the port of Altamira.

Taking into account the transit time from Valencia to Altamira, Tuscor Lloyds’ project cargo team orchestrated every movement in order to deliver the cargo to the port of Altamira within the agreed time-frame and budget, much to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Spain to Mexico – HP Cutter Transport
Spain to Mexico – HP Cutter Transport
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