Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Out of Gauge Project Shipment of a 20 ton Mobile Concrete Batching Plant from Valencia to Veracruz. 

Tuscor Lloyds was called in by the manufacturer of this 20 ton mobile concrete batching plant after they struggled to find an appropriate vessel which could reach the destination within the tight time frame.

The mobile concrete batching plant was to be delivered to one of the biggest cement companies in the world and the deadline could not be missed. Using our knowledge and local contacts we arranged for multimodal transport by road and sea which would deliver the cargo to Mexico City within the time frame.

Tuscor Lloyds picked up the cargo from the manufacturers in Mercia, Spain and loaded it on to a truck, from here it was transported by road to our warehouses in Valencia where it was then loaded onto a 40’ flat rack which we located specifically for this shipment.

Due to the shape and size (13.8m x 2.85m x 4m) of the cargo the stevedores had to specially lash the cargo to ensure it was safe and secure for transport by road and sea.

The cargo was safely transported and loaded at the Port of Valencia and shipped as out of gauge cargo to Veracruz, Mexico for unloading. The mobile concrete batching plant was unloaded without any problems and once ready the cargo was transported by road to Mexico City.

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