Tracked Scoop Loader

Tuscor Lloyds was contacted to transport a 17.3 ton RO-RO shipment from Cadiz, Spain to Houston, USA.

The cargo; a Tracked Scoop Loader Machine, was donated by the USA Army to the State of Alabama, USA and was picked up in the Rota Military Base in Cadiz, Spain. The heavy RO-RO cargo was loaded and secured to a low loader trailer and started its long journey of approximately 500 miles by road to the Port of Sagunto in Valencia, Spain.

The cargo was 57.10 CBM and 17.3 tons of gross weight. Once in the Port of Sagunto was loaded to a vessel as a RO-RO cargo. The vessel sailed from the Port of Sagunto after confirming the Tracked Scoop Loader Machine was safely placed and fully secured for the transatlantic journey to Houston.

After 24 days of transit, the vessel arrived to the Port of Houston. Once quay side, the cargo was discharged and checked for damage which may have occurred during ocean transportation. As expected the cargo had been perfectly secured, resulting in the safe transportation of this RO-RO cargo.

Tuscor Lloyds then delivered the Tracked Scoop Loader Machine to its recipients in Alabama, USA. The experience and knowledge of Tuscor Lloyds’ project management team enables Tuscor Lloyds to orchestrate times and deliver resources as and when they are needed, offering high quality services


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