Sub Sea Equipment

At the request of well renowned freight forwarder in Scotland, Tuscor Lloyds were asked to move exceptionally large pieces of Subsea equipment from Aberdeen to Melbourne, Australia.

Financially, only a limited budget was available to accomplish the project. Fortunately a part charter was arranged with a Danish vessel owner to do the feeder from Aberdeen to Zeebrugge to connect with the mother vessel to Melbourne for all water to water loading of the cargo.

Tuscor Lloyds were appointed to arrange the movement of abnormal size cargoes from Aberdeen to Melbourne. The cargo being too large for normal shipping procedure required the expertise of our project team who reviewed the sea passage together with the various options before decided on part charter from Aberdeen to the continent. The client arranged for the delivery of the cargo to ship side and during an unusually calm weather period on the Scottish coast we quickly loaded the cargo and set sail for Belgium.

The weather conditions in Belgium where not so favourable as those back in Scotland as near blizzard conditions prevailed upon arrival. Having only a short period to discharge and move the cargo and reload to a second vessel time was against the shipment. However the exceptional quality and professionalism of our Stevedoring partner ensure the cargo was discharged and reloaded smoothly. The cargo set sail from Belgium for the slightly warmer waters of Australia on time, on budget and we had a very satisfied customs back home in Scotland.

UK to Australia – Subsea Equipment
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