3 Anchors with Shackles

Tuscor Lloyds have successfully completed the transportation of three out of gauge 9,000kg anchors and their accompanying shackles from the UK to Hawaii.

This cargo, which was shipped for a client in the naval construction industry, was transported as out of gauge cargo using three flat rack containers. Tuscor Lloyds picked up the cargo from the manufacturers in Sheffield, UK and loaded each of the heavy cargoes on to the containers. Due to the unusual size and shape of the anchors, Tuscor Lloyds worked with trusted and experienced specialists who worked out the best securing and handling methods for the shipment, which would involve road and ocean transportation.

Once the cargo was loaded and confirmed as safe and secure, they were transported 200 miles south east to the port of Felixstowe. The cargoes arrived safely at port and were then lashed using straps and chain tensioners to the 3 x 40ft flat racks. After being surveyed and passed for sea-transport, they were then delivered quayside for loading onto the container vessel which had been prepared for receiving the out of gauge cargoes prior to arrival. A gantry crane, fitted with specialist heavy lift gear, was used to lift the cargoes and carefully position the flatrack containers on board surrounded by standard and reefer containers also sharing the vessel.

Tuscor Lloyds chose a route which involved transhipping the out of gauge cargo at the port of Los Angeles, employing the services of another shipping line for the second leg of the journey to Honolulu. Once the vessel arrived in LA, the cargo was carefully discharged from vessel, and positioned on mafi trailers. The cargoes were checked for damage which could have occurred whilst at sea and stored overnight before loading to another vessel for transport to Hawaii.

Once the vessel had arrived 2 days later, the mafi trailers with cargo still loaded to the flatrack containers, were placed quayside for loading. The port gantry cranes (again fitted with heavy lift equipment) were used to lift the cargo on to the new vessel. The cargoes were stowed on board, checked and confirmed as safe for shipment before the vessel set off for final destination, Hawaii.

The vessel arrived safely at the port of Honolulu, Hawaii and just in the nick of time but could not be unloaded due to two major hurricane storms (Hurricane Iselle – the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in Hawaii in recorded history, and Hurricane Julio which passed north of the Hawaiian Islands and luckily did not cause too much disruption) which were active in the area. After three days, the port was given the OK to begin unloading cargo and Tuscor Lloyds Projects Team managed to negotiate for our out of gauge project shipment to be unloaded as a high priority cargo.

Once the three out of gauge 40ft flatrack containers were unloaded, onsite surveyors inspected the cargo for damage which could have occurred during ocean transport or by the extreme weather. Thankfully for everyone involved, the cargo had remained safe and secure during the transportation.

The flatrack containers with the out of gauge anchors, lashed and secured were placed on trucks which then transported the cargo by road to the client. All three of the anchors and accompanying shackles arrived safely and without damage.

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