Cased Machinery

10 Ton Cased Machinery shipped on a 40ft flat rack from Melthan, UK to Guaymas, Mexico.

Tuscor Lloyds recently transported this out of gauge cargo from the small town of Melthan in West Yorkshire to the industrial port city of Guaymas, Mexico. The Project Cargo Management team at Tuscor Lloyds organised for the cargo to be picked up from the manufacturer in Yorkshire and transported by road using a 40ft flat rack positioned on top of a low loader trailer.

The Case Machinery safely made the 215 mile journey from Melthan to Tilbury and arrived ahead of schedule at the Port of Tilbury where it was prepared, lashings checked and confirmed as secure for ocean transport. The out of gauge cargo; secured to a 40ft flat rack container was then promptly loaded onto the vessel for transport to Mexico.

35 days later the vessel arrived at the Port of Guaymas where it was unloaded and checked dockside for damage before transit to its final destination in the city of Guaymas, as usual the cargo had survived fully intact and still safely secured to its flat rack.

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