Coffee Plant

High priority breakbulk and out of gauge shipment of 45 pieces, required for an instant coffee plant in Cordoba, Mexico.

The cargo was picked up from the plant in Cambridge and the large out of gauge pieces were loaded onto 40ft flat rack containers. The cargo was then secured using heavy duty ratchet straps, steel chains and wooden chocks to ensure the pieces were completely secured for road and ocean transportation to Mexico.

Once the flat racks were confirmed as secure by onsite specialists, a heavy lift crane was used to lift the flat rack containers with cargo secured onto low loader trailers which would transport the flat racks from Cambridge to the port of Felixstowe, 70 miles to the east.

This instant coffee plant was urgently required in Cordoba so Tuscor Lloyds organised for this high priority cargo to be shipped using a standard container vessel. This resulted in reliable vessel schedules meaning Tuscor Lloyds could guarantee a certain arrival date whilst also reducing overall costs of the shipment.


UK to Mexico – Coffee Plant Transport
UK to Mexico – Coffee Plant Transport

The cargo was loaded onto the container vessel using an onsite heavy lift crane which could handle the weight of both the cargo pieces and the flat rack containers. Cargo loading was completed without issue thanks to the experienced stevedores at the port of Felixstowe and the vessel set sail for the port of Veracruz, Mexico.

Upon arrival at the port of Veracruz, the cargo was unloaded using heavy lift cranes and checked for damages incurred during the 24 day transit from the UK to Mexico. Thanks to all involved the cargo remained undamaged and the flat rack containers were quickly loaded again onto low loader trailers which would transport the instant coffee plant 80 miles to reach the new plant location in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico.

The cargoes arrival in Cordoba was perfectly timed and the new plant was setup and completed as expected. Thanks to Tuscor Lloyds’ project management team and our high priority shipping methods the shipment went perfectly to plan resulting in a satisfied customer and lots of instant coffee!

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