Crated Machinery

4.4 Ton of crated machinery was shipped from the UK to Qatar in 35 days.

Tuscor Lloyds was called in at short notice to organise the shipment of a piece of machinery which was required in Doha, Qatar. Tuscor Lloyds had to arrange for a 40ft flat rack container; which is usually an easy task for the experienced project management staff in our Manchester office, but due to the shipment being short notice our reliable supplier of specialist containers didn’t have anything available which would be suitable and ready in time for the proposed shipment date.

Tuscor Lloyds arranged for another 40ft flat rack container to be brought in and the machine (already crated) was swiftly loaded onto the container and transported by road to the Port of Felixstowe from where it would sail. Before it was loaded onto the vessel making the long journey from the UK to Qatar the cargo restraints where checked and the cargo was confirmed as being ready for ocean transportation.

The out of gauge crated machine arrived in Doha 35 days after leaving the warehouse where it was originally built. The client was very happy that Tuscor Lloyds managed to organise the shipment in such short notice whilst keeping the quality of service so high throughout the shipment process.

UK to Qatar Crated Machinery
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