Cable Drum

As Shipping Agents and Freight Forwarders Tuscor Lloyds has long experience in dealing with non-conventional shipments and has extensive expertise in moving big reels for the oil and gas industry.

This particular shipment was a Cable Drum weighing 72,000 Kgs (72 tons) with dimensions of 880cm x 460cm x 473cm and was transported by road to the port of Felixstowe where, once loaded on to a container vessel it would then be carried on to Singapore.

Once the truck and trailer where portside, the Cable Drum was released and lifted on to a neighbouring maafi where it was dropped into the cradle and spreader beam that would secure it on the vessel. The drum was lifted again along with fixings into the vessels hold and secured across three flatrack containers.

The cradle was positioned on the flat racks by nailed heavy wooden wedges and further secured by 10ft webbing lashes, taken out to lashing points on the flat racks and secured and tightened using their own ratchets. Eight more lashings were taken directly from the radial arms of the reel and down to convenient lashing points on the flat racks and tensioned. The securing was completed and approved by the ship’s Duty officer and the drum was on its way to Singapore the following day.

Once the cargo arrived at the Port of Singapore the Cable Drum was unloaded without problems and on carried to its destination within time and all to the satisfaction of our client.

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