Cable Reel

Tuscor Lloyds have recently completed a Breakbulk shipment from Newcastle UK to Singapore.

The projects team at Tuscor Lloyds recently shipped a specialist break bulk cargo from UK to Singapore. The huge wire reel, measuring 445cm x 310cm x 430cm and weighing a massive 124 Tonnes (124,000 kg), was shipped from Newcastle to Singapore via Antwerp.

Due to the extreme weight of this reel, it was not possible to truck it to the loading port in Antwerp, Belgium. Our projects team therefore arranged a feeder/coaster vessel to collect cargo directly from the shippers terminal in Newcastle. The break bulk cargo once loaded was taken to Antwerp port to be trans-loaded onto the mother vessel bound for the Far East.

Tuscor Lloyds extensive experience with such break bulk movements meant this huge oversized & heavyweight reel arrived its destination in Singapore without a hitch.

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