8 Cable Reels

8 Reels, 3 Shipments, 1 Job – Out of Gauge, Tilbury to Jebel Ali.

Tuscor Lloyds has just completed the shipment of 8 steel cable reels which were required in Jebel Ali for the construction of a government project. The 8 cable reels were shipped from the manufacturer in Tilbury to Jebel Ali using 3 x 20ft flat rack containers.

The first 2 flat racks were loaded with 3 steel cable reels each. For stability the heaviest reels (15+ tons) where loaded in the centre of 2 flat racks with 2 smaller reels (3+ tons) on each side. The final flat rack container was loaded with the 2 remaining cable reels, one reel (15.3 tons) was loaded slightly off centre of the flat rack and the last much smaller cable reel (1.2 tons) was lifted into place at the far end of the flat rack to help with stability during lifting at port. The cable reels were securely fixed to the 20ft flat rack containers using chain and cable ties to ensure no movement whilst travelling by ocean to the United Arab Emirates.

Tuscor Lloyds Project Cargo Management Team arranged space on a container vessel for the out of gauge cargo, this meant that the cost for shipping to the United Arab Emirates was lower than expected and the delivery time was also greatly reduced when compared to a specialist vessel which was an alternative for the cargo.

Thanks to the experienced staff working dock side at the Port of Tilbury the 20ft flat racks were safely and efficiently loaded on to the container vessel for the transportation to the Port of Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates.

Once at the port of Jebel Ali, the 3 flat rack containers were unloaded from the vessel and checked for damage, as expected the steel cable reels made it to Jebel Ali damage free and still safely secured to the 20ft flat racks.

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