Cable Reel

29.8 Ton steel cable reel transported from Felixstowe to Jebel Ali using a flatrack container.

Tuscor Lloyds has shipped many steel cable reels and although our staff members are very confident handling even the largest of cable reels, complacency is a word not overlooked by the Tuscor Lloyds project cargo team.

The 29.8 ton steel cable reel had to be transported as out of gauge cargo due to its dimensions. Tuscor Lloyds were called in to fit the large and heavy cargo onto a standard container vessel. This option allowed both reduced overall costs and a shorter transit time into Jebel Ali where the cargo was urgently required for a large construction project. The cargo arrived at the port of Felixstowe already loaded and lashed to a 40ft flat rack container which would secure the cable reel to the vessel for the journey to Jebel Ali. Before loading Tuscor Lloyds staff ensured that all lashings and wooden chocks were checked and confirmed as safe for ocean transportation. The container vessel set sail from Felixstowe and 22 days later arrived at the port of Jebel Ali where it was unloaded from the vessel and transported to its final destination.

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