Wooden Cases

Four Wooden Cases Loaded as Break Bulk to Jebel Ali.

Tuscor Lloyds was called in to ship 300 CBM water treatment plant in 4 Wooden Cases from the Port of Felixstowe to Jebel Ali in Dubai. The cases were to be loaded as break bulk shipments across 11 flat racks, positioned below deck on the vessel. In sequence, 3 of the cases were lifted into the hold and positioned by the surveyor directing the stevedores. There was a short delay when the fourth case had been incorrectly fitted with steel reinforcing shoe adjacent to the nominated lifted position. The shoe was on the wrong side of the adjacent cross beam and un-usable. A temporary shoe was secured by the stevedores and this was used for the lift of this case.

Each of the Wooden Cases were positioned by heavy wooden chocks, nailed into the flat rack beds and positioned to give support in all directions. The cases were without suitable lashing points, and in fact although the base sections were relatively strong, the upper parts of the cases were quite weak and flexible. Securing was accomplished by using webbing straps, each tensioned by its own ratchet. These were attached to the lashing points on the flat racks. The positioning of the webbing straps gave sufficient support to the cases in all directions, meeting the requirements of the IMO Guidelines for Cargo Stowage and Securing. The lifting and securing operations throughout were conducted in a safe and professional manner and to the satisfaction of the ships’ Captain.

As the cargo had been held up the week before it was imperative all was loaded well and carried to destination on time. With the site presence throughout loading of Tuscor Lloyds own surveyor (and the constant contact with the company’s project managers during the small hours of a Sunday morning) problems during loading were overcome quickly. To the great relief of the shipper, this site coordination ensured the cargo was sent safely on its way on time.

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