Cable Reel

7.5 Ton Steel Cable Reel Shipped from Great Yarmouth, UK to Houston, USA.

The reel, which was being transported for the oil and gas industry, had dimensions of 4.2 x 2.7 x 4.4 meters and was shipped as out of gauge cargo using a 20ft flat rack container. The cargo was loaded on to the 20ft flat rack container and secured using heavy duty ratchet straps and steel chains with wooden chocks to stop any movement in the cargo during transit to the USA.

The cargo arrived safely on quay at the Port of Felixstowe where it was checked again to ensure there would be no movement whilst in transit and given the go ahead for loading to the vessel. The flat rack container was loaded onto the container vessel using a gantry crane which could handle the 7.5 ton cargo.

Tuscor Lloyds organised for this cargo to be shipped as out of gauge cargo on a container vessel because this greatly reduced the transit time to the USA as well as providing a cheaper cost for the transportation.

The cargo arrived on time as planned at the Port of Houston and was unloaded without issue. Once unloaded the cable reel was checked for damage, and as usual with a Tuscor Lloyds shipment the cargo was in perfect condition and had survived the long journey from the UK thanks to the excellent packing and securing which was overlooked by Tuscor Lloyds staff in the UK.

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