Horse Head Sculpture

7 ton out of gauge horse head shipped from Felixstowe, UK to Philadelphia, USA. No it wasn’t a real horse’s head! It was an unusual shipment however, made all the more pressurised by the sculpture being used at a timed event.

This unusual out of gauge project cargo had dimensions of 10.3 x 3.4 x 3.2 meters and weighed 7 tons. The shipment was picked up in Felixstowe; where the sculpture was built and transported by road to the port of Felixstowe where it would be shipped to the USA.

Due to the shape and weight distribution of the consignment, it had to be lifted using heavy duty loading slings attached to a heavy lift crane. The cargo was positioned above a low loader trailer and slowly lowered into position. Once it was correctly in place, ratchet straps were used to secure the shipment to the low loader for the road transportation onto the port of Felixstowe.


UK to USA – Horse Head Sculpture
UK to USA – Horse Head Sculpture

The OOG piece was unloaded from the trailer on arrival, using heavy lift equipment due to the size and configuration of the consignment, rather than the weight. The cargo was lowered onto a 40ft flat rack container which was lashed and secured for the ocean transportation to the USA.

The shipment safely arrived to the port of Philadelphia where it was unloaded from the vessel and checked for damage. The sculpture was required at an event being held not far from the port of Philadelphia, and once unloaded the cargo was stripped from the 40ft flat rack, and loaded onto another low load trailer for the movement to the event being held in Philadelphia.

The out of gauge project shipment could have been a complicated job but Tuscor Lloyds’ project management staff and the experienced cargo handlers knew how to approach this heavy and abnormal load. The cargo made it safely to its delivery destination, damage free and within the clients crucial budget and time scale.

UK to USA – Horse Head Sculpture
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