Umbilical Cable

Tuscor Lloyds were asked to transport an out of gauge Umbilical Cable and Winch from the United Kingdom to Houston in the United States of America.

The shipment involved transporting 4 individual pieces of cargo, the largest piece (the umbilical cable reel / winch) weighed in at 42,000Kgs (42 tons) and had to be shipped on a 40’ flat rack container as out of gauge cargo due to its dimensions: 8.8 x 4.52 x 4.3 meters. The 3 smaller cargo pieces were carefully arranged and transported in a 40’ general purpose container which helped to keep the cost for shipment down.

The largest piece of cargo which was loaded onto the 40’ flat rack was secured to the flat rack with wooded chocks and chain lashings to ensure the cargo would be completely safe for the rough sea journey to Houston.

The cargo was safely transported to the Port of Houston where it was swiftly unloaded and prepared for road transport to its final destination.

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