Umbilical Reeler

43,000 kg Umbilical Reeler shipped from the UK to the USA as out of gauge cargo in 16 days.

Tuscor Lloyds were requested by a company working in the oil and gas industry to transport another 43 ton Umbilical Reeler from Great Yarmouth, UK to Houston in the United States of America. The cargo had to be shipped as an out of gauge shipment due to the dimensions: 6.2 x 4.25 x 4.25 meters.

The cargo had to be first transported from Great Yarmouth to the Port of Felixstowe by road prior to its ocean journey to the USA. Tuscor Lloyds arranged for the cargo to be loaded on to a 40ft flat rack which would be used throughout the journey to Houston. The cargo was secured to the flat rack container using heavy duty ratchet straps, steel chain/wire and sufficient wooden chocks which would ensure the cargo was completely fixed to the container allowing zero movement whilst in transit. Corner casings and covers were also applied to the cargo as an extra precaution to prevent any scratches/damages caused by metal on metal contact which can occur when at sea.

A specialist heavy lift crane capable of lifting cargoes heavier than 43 tons was required to lift the cargo onto the low loader trailer which was transporting the cargo and flat rack container to Felixstowe. The cargo arrived on time at the port of Felixstowe and went through the required survey by the carrier before it could be accepted and loaded on to the vessel.

The out of gauge cargo was cleared for loading and another heavy lift crane capable of lifting this heavy piece was used to lift the flat rack container and Umbilical Reeler on to the vessel for its transatlantic voyage to the Port of Houston.

The cargo completed the transit to the Port of Houston where it was unloaded from the vessel and checked for damage which could have occurred whilst at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to the extra care which the Tuscor Lloyds project management team went to, the cargo was undamaged and completely scratch free. Also adding cargo arrived bang on time as required.

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